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I loved this! i haven't gotten all route's but i will play more! it was really fun :D

Aww yay! Thanks for taking a look, I still really liked working on this ^^ 


i really do enjoy playing this game so much also i do love their character style design and their end route i even want to play more and more <3 

Thanks so much for playing! <33

Is it possible to fix this problem?

It looks like you're running the windows executable. Did you download the, extract it, and then run the app? 

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Extracting is basically the same as unzipping, right? If so, it didn't work. I'll try again and see if it'll work.

edit: it finally worked! 

Great! Yes, just for the sake of future reference, extracting is unzipping. 

I did really enjoy the game took me forever to get all the interactions because I missed one bad end so I had to go back to it but I really loved how all the characters were linked and you met different characters that you had already heard of later in the game was pretty dope my full play through here


i can't find the game file


After you download the folder and extract the contents, you should open the newly extracted folder and see something like this:
The pink-Renpy-girl-icon / "Otomeru.exe" file is the game. Double click it/open the file to play it!

My computer says it is already extracted but there is no Otomeru.exe anywhere