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Finally decided to upload the first game I ever tried making on my own when I started using Ren'Py! (2014-2015)

The Isotope Project is a really ambitious story that I've been thinking about since high school and used to test out Ren'Py functions. Unfortunately, I never completed it. 

You play as 17-year-old Iris who recently survived a terrible car accident and has been making some questionable decisions since then. Through fated circumstance, she is mysteriously sent to another world controlled by another girl her age, and Iris struggles to find a way home while befriending (?) the strange animal-people condemned to this world.

Was thinking about digital archives and decided to upload it for prosperity. 

All of the art is mine aside from some blurred backgrounds from Google. I actually redrew over some real photographs for backgrounds. Wild.

The music is a mix of things from Hagall and HMIX, but I've sadly lost the original names for the songs.

- The game ends very abruptly after the Masked One encounter. I normally make games as I write them, so I ended on a cliffhanger for the project :(
- The game was never optimized to be bigger than the default 800x600! Try to play with just that size. 
- A lot of the sfx don't match up timing-wise with what's going on. 
- Mac and Windows/Linux builds are available, but I couldn't test them on Mac and Linux. :( Hopefully no huge issues there.
- Have fun! Don't give up on your own game ambitions! Don't be lazy with backgrounds! (I totally am)


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I really enjoyed this game the story is really dope and interesting I really liked your back grounds to be honest the music was nice and I hope someday to see an end or future games well done my play through here the monster was terrifying by the way good job not revealing it's true form in the screen shots of the game lol


Thanks so much for playing! Not sure if I'll finish this ever, since my art (and hopefully my writing) has improved a lot since I last worked on this, and I think it would be better suited for an RPG or comic. But who knows!

Really appreciate you going through so many indie games and trying them out, as well as leaving comments. It's really nice for a lot of indies to see.

If you wanted to try something I worked on more seriously (and it's actually complete!), you can try Otomeru. It's not super romantic-focused, but very much character-based. 


For sure thanks for replying I'll check it on Tuesday  so I can devote some time to it and attempting to getting all the endings thanks for letting me know about it!